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How this Scam worked.

The caller is telling the client they can pay by Credit Card or Gift Cards. In this case it was Coles Gift Vouchers. Our client in her mid 20’s actually went and purchased the gift cards while on the phone to the scammer and then gave the gift card numbers to them over the phone. The client mentioned we were their accountant and the scammer then proceeded to tell the client that we (Coutts Redington) were actually scamming the client. While on the phone to scammer, the clients phone rang and our phone number came up on the screen so the client put the scammer on hold and answered the call (which was in fact part of the scam) The client then drove to our office while still having the scammer on hold and our staff spoke to the scammer. Eventually the scammer hung up and the client contacted Coles to cancel the Gift Cards, but they had already been activated.

Our staff member said the scammer was very convincing and demanding. We then had another client the next day, who called into the office very concerned that the ATO was ringing and the police were going to be called due to an overdue tax debt (which didn’t exist).

Beware and be very wary!!!!

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