Overcoming Poor Team Morale

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All the business and lifestyle challenges that the last 12 months have thrown at us have had a huge impact on how we operate. Not just as a business, but within our mental and emotional processes.


As a business owner you may tend to focus on the financial side of your business but there is a key, non-financial, aspect that can significantly impact your business. Team morale.

When team morale is high, your employees are likely to be engaged and excited about their work. But when it is low, they are likely to feel disengaged and unmotivated—and inspiring the best in your team? It’s going to be an uphill battle.

But why should you wage this war? According to Gallup’s most recent State of The American Workplace Report, businesses with highly engaged teams experience 21% higher profitability, 17% higher productivity, 10% higher customer satisfaction metrics, and 41% lower absenteeism than business with less engaged employees.

Ways To Boost Team Morale And Improve Business Outcomes

1.Bring People On Board That Will Boost Morale

You can take all the right steps to keep team morale high—but if you have negative, toxic people on your team, they’re going to bring everyone down.

That’s why, if you want to keep your team morale at a high level, you have to stack your team with people that are going to contribute to that high morale—and that starts with who you hire.

Consider more than skills or education of new team members when hiring. Teaching someone the role is far easier than teaching them to have a positive, caring, and collaborative attitude.

2.Recognition and Celebration

To help give your team a morale boost, make sure you’re recognising—and celebrating—their hard work, achievements, and wins.

It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, even just a thank-you can go a long way.

And while recognising your team and their wins is always important, this actually needs more focus when teams are working remotely — when they may feel disconnected from the company and team as a whole.

3.Resist The Urge To Micromanage

You might think it’s your job to control how and when your team does their jobs. But there are few things that will bring morale crashing down as quickly as micromanaging your team.

If you limit your employees by trying to control how they do their jobs, your team cannot reach their full potential.

You hired your team because you believed in their ability to do their jobs—and to do them well. So, if you want to keep morale high, give them the space to do that. The chance to accomplish tasks on their own leads to a more confident workforce.

4.And finally…

Every team is different— so, if you really want to know how to give your team the morale boost they need, just ask.

Source: Trello


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