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Client Feedback

One of the really nice things about the recent 'Dinner for 2' that we offered (sorry to those that didn't win) was the broad array of feedback many of you sent back with your entry. There were questions on issues from 'how to start a business' to 'where are we up to with tax time', there were requests for appointments, and there were comments on how you feel we are performing.

It made us proud to be your accountants but don't wait for dinner invites to ask a question, ask anytime you feel the need.



My husband is retiring on the 23 of December as he will be 65 in January, can he still get his pension tax free after working half the of the year? or will he have to wait till the start of the new financial year?

Can the directors of a company registered in Wyoming remain unknown if they are not US citizens?

If I rent a property privately do I just treat it the same as if they were renting through a real estate agent for taxation purposes ie: lease & keep any related expenses. Also, is it mandatory to receive a bond?

Is now the time to purchase a investment property in Townsville?

Once retired from the workforce, is the tax-free threshold taken into consideration by the ATO for the income derived from investments?

When does an ordinary working person have to lodge there 2015/2016 Tax by?

Would like to chat re Capital Gains Tax on our rural property and also retirement tax planning.

Is super still worth the effort?

Organise an appointment

Would like to make an appointment to discuss tax planning. Not currently a client and particular topics are redundancy payment tax treatments, investment property, sole trader. Prefer to meet this week if your office is open.

We need to see Greg again in the New Year around mid January after 20th

​My wife and I need to book an appointment with Jollene to complete our 2016 taxes.

I request an appointment with Andrew Towers to finalise our tax and ask question about the best time to sell our invest properties

We are in the process of organizing a meeting

I will be phoning to make an appointment within the next week or so to have my tax done. I hope Victoria is still with your company, she has looked after me the last two years.

Working in 2016 tax return to visit Kate to finalise soon.

Am looking at getting my tax return done.

What a year it's been. Looking to see you early in the New Year to sort our 2015-2016 tax. Happy Christmas

Retirement discussion with Bruce

How to start a lawn mowing business


Anne and Kate have been a great support, especially sorting out Farm Household Allowance. Cheers and Thanks

Thanks for the promotion

Thank you all for your ongoing service

Always helpful and polite

Greg & Amanda ...thanks for all your help!

Coutts Redington have been doing our personal and company Tax for over 10 years and have always been a pleasure to deal with. I often recommend your firm to other businesses I know as the level of service and cost are excellent. I would like to enter the Dinner for 2 Competition please.

Thanks for all your financial assistance over the last year.

Thank you for all the help with our Tax this year and the very helpful staff

Great service, nice and helpful staff

Have I been a client long enough to receive your newsletter?

Hi Greg good to talk last week, Hope all is going well with the estate.

This would be amazing after this tough year !!!!

Very grateful for all your assistance in helping make 2016 so successful!

I'd like to come in every day to bask in your expertise & gracious hospitality.

Thanks for your assistance over the years.

Thanks for the opportunity to possibly enjoy the dinner for two.

Thanks for the invite. My favourite restaurant also.

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