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The Growth Factor

Male and female couple researching The Growth Factor.

So what’s all the fuss about? What’s the Growth factor?

Why are thousands of Business Owners using it to improve and
grow their profitable businesses?

It’s simple.

Trade your Business Growth Plan for one of ours - one that has worked for thousands of businesses across 40 different vocations, industries and professions.

The Growth Factor method has been developed by Trevor Marchant and Eve Dallas – two of the country’s leading business development specialists and featured in the top 1 per cent of sales and marketing coaches in Australia and New Zealand.

This method has been developed in conjunction with a number of accounting firms and is only available to business owners through accredited, professional, progressive, accounting firms.

The key to the success of the Growth Factor is that it puts a plan in place to get from where you are to where you want to go – in the shortest possible time and your progress is managed by us – your accountant.

This keeps you accountable, focused and on-track …

The Growth Factor will help you grow your business by putting the 5 Essential Strategies to grow a profitable business in place for you:

  1. Your Foundation Principles
  2. Your Four Pillars of Growth – Marketing, Selling , Delivering and Servicing
  3. Your Seven critical Profit Drivers- without these – there is no chance
  4. Your Leadership and Teamwork
  5. Your ACTION and Innovation – to make it all happen, in a timely and affordable manner…

To see how the Growth factor can help you too - email us here / and or contact us on 07 4796 0888

In the meantime here’s our FREE Business Growth BLUEPRINT for 2018 – to get you started:

Coutts Redington business book.